Desperate for Summer.

I feel like I seriously start all of my posts with a rant over the weather but if you’re from the East coast, you feel my pain. Layering still gwans for me and I simply cannot compromise comfort and warmth for style. I know some girls are troopers and can. But not this chick. But because I’m desperate to see warmer temperatures, I sometimes try to dress like its summer outside. This isn’t always successful but hello – I’m definitely not going to post the days this is so. So here is an outfit of a day where I think I’m doing somewhat okay with this floral dress from last season and a bright lip. Hi Summer, just sitting here, waiting for you.IMG_6003 Continue reading

I’m not ready for Fall yet.

So the weather is definitely a little more crisp and if you are out and about in the evening without a jacket or some sort of cover up – then you are extremely brave in my books! Personally, if I’m cold, my whole day, my mood, my everything is off. I ADORE the heat but detest the cold. Living in the polar vortex that is Toronto, it is challenging to find ways to rock unworn summer gear yet allow it to compliment the temperatures outside. Here is my first attempt.
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