Winter is Coming…Cover Up!

With the weather getting colder, I am constantly looking for inventive ways to cover up for this climate. I’m very excited to be putting this post together because have I gathered some of the greatest looks of the season to share with my fellow fashionistas! Let’s go!

The most recent of trends shows capes, wraps and draping as a statement piece that is bound to make a serious amount of appearances.
derek lam
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November Push

It is my yearly ritual to push wearing open toe shoes as late into the year as possible. I will basically wear shoes that bare my feet until there is snow on the ground. So I took it upon my self to carry out this tradition and put together an ensemble that exercised this annual tradition.
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Spring Shoe Trends 2014

Surprise! Surprise! The climate is finally lightening up. The snow is melting; salt is disappearing, not to mention the warmer weather. What does this mean for us girls who have been dying to retire our UGGs? This means we can finally whip out our exposed shoes without the fear of frost bite! We’ve suffered in this polar vortex long enough and I think we’re all desperate to get our dancing shoes on! What will you wear in celebration of the demise of tundra-like temperatures?10
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