For some of us (hoarders), spring cleaning can be an extremely depressing time. Year long, we all know that there comes a time where we have to part with items in our wardrobe that we truly don’t need. We all have those “just in case” pieces. “Just in case I lose weight, just in case I finally go on a tropical vacation this year, or just in case the style comes back.” Stop it. This is a problem. But luckily, you’re not alone. We’re all guilty of holding on to over stretched tees or jogging pants, simply because they’re so comfortable and frankly, the staff at your favourite restaurant has seen you in this outfit so often that they no longer look at you strangely. Do not fret though – there are some things you can preserve from previous seasons to wear in spring 2014.

Although spring has officially started, the temperatures still feel like its winter. So yes you need jackets to survive in these Arctic conditions! Ideal for climates where it’s still cold yet tolerable are cropped jackets. Boxy yet chic, these non-moto or bomber jackets are essential as they come in a variety of prints and textures. They can be paired with jeans or body-con dresses to create the perfect silhouette that we all strive for.
A perfect alternative to the comfy baggy jogging pant would be wide leg trousers that I personally love on days when I don’t feel like being restricted in my skinnies. Not only do these add length to your frame but these pants are confident statement pieces. Not everyone has the ability to pull these off so make sure to shop for ones that have a leaner leg to avoid looking disproportionate.

As far back as I can remember (last Spring to be exact), collared button downs have been in season and are not fading any time soon. We have adapted these convenient yet modish shirts into our work wear, evening looks and casual attire. Inspired by men’s fashion, these crisp dress shirts with lapels can be paired well with pencil skirts, fitted jeans or even those wide legged trousers that I mentioned above.

Since we’re on the topic of collars and can get our fix through our button downs, a style that is sticking around for Spring are collarless coats. It’s the season to layer so what better way to do so than with the perfect elegant overcoat. It’s long enough to keep you warm but can come in several patterns to keep your ensemble interesting and structured.
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With any transition in life, it is significant to extract the positivity from every experience. So when partaking in this annual ritual, don’t feel glum over the things you’re disposing of, but embrace the parts of your wardrobe that are staying with you. Most importantly, if your pieces are in mint condition, make this experience one about charity and consider donating your treasures to your local Goodwill. Happy cleaning!