Sitting at 32 Weeks

I have to say – third trimester might be my most favourite one yet. Despite the back pain, and inconsistent sleep at night – I find it a lot more manageable than I did the first two trimesters. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at my energy levels and motivation to get things done. Nesting is really getting the best of me. We’ve finally made some leeway on the baby’s room – kept it simple but pleasant. Unpacked all the things we really need and ordered a few other important items.

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Casual to Not So Casual…

unspecified-26 We all have those days where you have a double whammy of a day + night. You don’t have time to go home from work or wherever but you need that extra pep in your outfit to make it dinner appropriate. I always say this and probably don’t need to repeat it but I’m a minimalist. By that – I mean, limited jewelry and accessories but I will do a signature statement piece that will make my outfit just perfect for me.

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Tan Trench – Steal of a Deal!


I recently purchased this feather weight trench coat for a little over $20 and had to share it! For that price – you can get so many uses out of it! Honestly – the quality is amazing – it was such a surprise! You can wear it in any season and know that its airy enough to bare summer winds and thick enough for fall temperatures. Continue reading

Missing My Long Hair


So we’ve all read that I managed to light my hair on fire therefore burning more than 7 inches off. *cries a little* But I’m on the road to healthy hair again and will definitely be posting on how the steps I’ve taken to rebuilding to stronger and fuller hair! Continue reading