This girl is going to be 6 in a few weeks inshAllah. I can’t believe I’ll be the mom of 6 year old. Actually – I can. But that’s besides the point. I wanted to share an update on Raaya’s last year. She is so different than she was as at the age of 4. She’s really developed a back bone – to say the least.

Raaya has always been a sweet, patient, independent girl. She’s extremely resilient – always has been. She adjusts to every environment she’s in and beautifully too, might I add. I always worry about her baring too much as she goes from our home to her father’s on the weekends but to be completely honest, that’s all she’s ever known. She actually loves it. She gets the structure and routine of a schedule during the week with me with school, Quran class and all other activities. Then gets the fun and excitement of play and staying up late/sleeping in with her dad. The week is usually quiet with just her and I at home. And the weekend she gets to be with her dad’s side in a full house. The best of both worlds, really.

Raaya is in grade 1 and attending an Islamic school. She’s learnt multiple surahs and duahs and is in the midst of her Qaedah. She loves spending time with her cousins who are mashAllah in and around the same age as her. She has a pretty robust social life, seeing friends from her old school during the week. We’ve visited a couple states this year and are going to do another next week.

Her sleeping and eating is consistent, mashAllah. She is such a desi girl, preferring spicy and flavourful food over bland. She’ll down a plate of biryani any day over a plate of pasta – but she loves alfredo pasta too.

Raaya is starting to pick up a little bit of my attitude which makes me sad but I’m glad she has a back bone. Overall, she’s an extremely kind hearted girl who accommodates and includes everyone. When she loves you – she really shows it.

MashAllah – I feel so lucky to call her mine.

Photography by : Zoia Haroon Photography