Part 3 – My Labour and Delivery Story

It’s now 4pm. It’s been 4 hours since I’ve started the oxytocin. I was told that after 9 counts – I should be in full fledged labour. SPOILER ALERT: I ended up with 92 counts by the end.

Whatever I was experiencing, was manageable. My brothers and sisters in law came by. They brought food – I had some soup and snuck in a bite of a bagel. No solids allowed when you’re on oxytocin due to the threat of choking – or something like that.  Continue reading

Sitting at 32 Weeks

I have to say – third trimester might be my most favourite one yet. Despite the back pain, and inconsistent sleep at night – I find it a lot more manageable than I did the first two trimesters. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at my energy levels and motivation to get things done. Nesting is really getting the best of me. We’ve finally made some leeway on the baby’s room – kept it simple but pleasant. Unpacked all the things we really need and ordered a few other important items.

unspecified-27 Continue reading