Raaya is getting SO big, SO fast, mashAllah. I know a lot of mothers talk about how proud they are of their children and I feel the same way. I didn’t understand it before but Raaya is just so kind, and sweet and genuinely wants good for others. Her heart is so soft yet so big and I know she didn’t learn that from me. 

She’ll be turning 6 in a few months and life right now is pretty nice. She’s in grade 1, attending an Islamic school and has a great routine between me and her dad’s house. She’s in Quran classes 5x/week, and spends the weekends with her baba. She loves chocolate an Oreos. She loves spending time with her cousins.

She’s a total daddy’s girl at this point but I was too, so I totally understand.

I want to foster her relationship with her dad. I personally know how important it is to have a supportive father and what it does for your confidence and security. 

What is your 5 year old into? I love seeing other kids her age and seeing the differing interests. 

I just feel so content with where she is in her life right now and wanted to share so that one day I could look back at this post, and fondly remember this time in our lives. =)

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