In the midst of cold and flu season, it’s really important for me to be able to sustain my immunity. Although I aim to get my nutrition through meals, supplements help me to ensure that I am retaining everything my body needs. Living in a climate with fluctuating temperatures, getting a cold sometimes is inevitable. With the kids being in school and bringing home germs, that also makes it difficult to maintain good health.

Orange Naturals has always been my brand of choice when it comes to supplements. Not only do they have a wide range of products (something for literally everyone), but I love that they are natural solutions and remedies. Designed by naturopaths, Orange Naturals use only the purest ingredients.

I ordered the Preventative bundle which includes Rapid Restore Probiotics, Immune Health, Zinc + Vitamin C and D3 Drops. Consistency is key. My regimen consists of that only because the responsibility of this household is only on me and it’s important I stay healthy so I can perform and get things done.

If you too want natural solutions for your family – make sure to check out Orange Naturals. =)

Photography by : Zoia Haroon Photography