Raaya is 4! As her mom, I really can’t believe that I have a 4 year old! Watching her grow has been my biggest accomplishment and pleasure in life! Alhumdullilah!

Her birthday party was quaint. With the pandemic, I could really only invite my brothers and their families. I actually wouldn’t want it any other way. Raaya’s cousins are her best friends. She forgets the world when they’re around. So I knew this was enough!

We set up the playground in the basement with a bouncy castle, roller coaster, ball pit and a cute table for them to do activities!

The backdrop was a Frozen theme with cake, smash cake, cupcakes and gems. Cake pops, candy platter and balloons, OH MY! Okay maybe that was cheesy but are those not all ingredients to a perfect 4 year old’s birthday party?

Photography: MJH Studios
Backdrop and Bouncy Castle Gym: Mimi Pop Rentals
Cake: Seville Moshir
Cake Topper: Banners and Caketoppers
Balloons: Beyond Balloons
Smash Cake: Smashthatcake
Cupcakes & Gems: Bliss on a Stick
Grazing Platter: Grazing Platters in the 6ix
Food: Kabab Shoppe
Candy Platter: Curated Catering
Cake Pops & Strawberries: Shireen Sweets