Missing My Long Hair


So we’ve all read that I managed to light my hair on fire therefore burning more than 7 inches off. *cries a little* But I’m on the road to healthy hair again and will definitely be posting on how the steps I’ve taken to rebuilding to stronger and fuller hair! Continue reading

Autumn Colours

I know there isn’t a human being out there that can truly hate on Fall fashion. The colours, the layering, the “maximizing life before jackets” season has to be my favourite – strictly due to that trends it brings forward. Continue reading


If you personally know me – I’m all about low maintenance. I don’t want to ever put in too much effort. I hate being “bogged down” by accessories, uncomfortable shoes or bleeding makeup. So because of that – I choose to wear things that are easy, simple and effortlessly maintainable.


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Fall Woes

I hate the cold. I just want to say that over and over again. After a month away in some of the hottest climates, I feel like WINTER TEMPERATURES came too darn fast!

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My obsession with Blues has to end…

You may or may not be able to tell – but I clearly look uncomfortable in all of these photos. Not only was it raining throughout but the amount of mosquitos I had in my mouth and biting the rest of my body was a lot of fun. NOT! And for this reason alone – I regretted the outfit and didn’t care how the rest of me looked. =)  Continue reading

The Blues

IMG_7297I’m still recovering from the rush of long weekend. I did over 40 showings, an inspection, sorted an offer – OH THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF REAL ESTATE- HOW I LOVE YOU! Today I’m headed to a team meeting followed by a networking event and some showings in the west end so I thought I’d dress as comfy as possible! Wedges ladies – might be the most comfortable way of adding height I’ve ever come across! YASSS wedges!  Continue reading

What I Wore to International Fashion Encounter

This past Saturday I had the honour of being chosen as the Brand Ambassador for International Fashion Encounter which took place here in Toronto. It showcased designers from all over the globe, also bringing big names within the Canadian fashion industry together. 
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