Polka Dot Denim

My first outfit of the day post! This look is definitely more versatile! It can easily transition from casual work wear to an evening out with some friends! I adore this loose fitting blazer as it keeps the entire look very comfortable and cozy. The bow tie and heels certainly spruce up the outfit but you can totally sport a pair of flats and un-tuck the blouse to maintain effortless chic. The boyfriend jeans look fitted because Lord knows why I decided to stand like that – but they’re actually pretty baggy. =)


Blazer – H&M
Jeans – Zara
White Blouse – Forever 21
Shoes – Forever 21
Purse – Chanel purchased at  www.FifthAnd.com
Belt – Moschino
Watch – Vintage Rado (Belonged to my daddy)
Bow Tie – Literally a hair band that I clipped to my collar
Lipstick – Pink Plaid by Mac

Photography by Sean Go
Instagram – @sgo8

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