It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wedding season!  Time to get dressed up on a weekly basis in our South Asian Sunday best and attend the weddings of our Massi’s son – his friend’s daughter’s cousin! 😉 Let’s face it ladies, weddings never get old. Aside from loving how dinner tastes after a two hour delay, we love getting dolled up, love the anticipation of how the bride is going to look and we totally love exercising all the trends and styles of South Asian wear! What can we forecast for this fast approaching 2014 season? A huge development that peaked its beautiful head (literally) last year was the craze of head jewels, aka matha patis, aka teekas – on steroids! These gorgeous adornments are exquisite statement pieces and when worn the right way, can pull any outfit together!

The first type of head ornament is more on the delicate side. Something a little more appropriate for a sangeet, a bridal shower (with/without western wear), or anything that isn’t the “main” event. These babies are usually not as big or over bearing as head jewels can come. They aren’t overpowering but let your crowd know that you have a “riskay” style. As shown below, a more minimalistic style frequently has one chain and limited to a pendant.

My personal favourites have to be the structured “matha patis”. Paired well a more simple ensemble, this piece of splendour tends to be more chunky. It’s unquestionably more prevalent as the crystals and trinkets are clustered. Matha patis – translated to forehead band – come in some of the most incredible metals. Traditionally gold, they can also come in chandni, kundan and silver.

Lastly, if you wish to go down a more traditional route to pair with your wedding wear, you might want to re-explore teekas and jhumars. Jhumars are worn on one side of your head whereas as a teeka is sported on the center of your forehead. Recently, these have been reinvented to look more stunning than ever.  Currently trending is a bigger circular pendant to adorn on your forehead. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, these ethnic embellishments can help you achieve the perfect cultured look!

All in all, as you situate your wardrobe for these upcoming wedding festivities, make sure to lay out your accessories to truly attain that Bollywood meets Hollywood look that we all desperately strive for. Embracing the trend of head jewels not only completes your entire get-up, but it nominates you to stand out from the rest of the gathering. Happy styling!

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