Paisley and Leather

It seems that with the recent bipolar weather, I have no choice but to keep something warm with me at all times. One of my fave types of outer wear has to be bomber/varsity inspired type jackets.

If you can’t already tell – my go to casual wear unquestionably has to be something comfortable, effortless and fun all at the same time. With this paisley jacket, keeping the rest of the outfit simple yet brave (with faux leather tights) was an easy option. Pairing this look with flats allows me to be flexible since I can pretty much do anything with my day – shopping, groceries, or even a spontaneous dinner.

I love leather leggings strictly because they aren’t as restricting as actual leather pants. They’re usually just as easy as wearing any other material leggings yet can add more of a dressy feel to your entire costume.
Enjoy your Sunday rest!

Paisley Jacket – Zara
Leggings – Picked these up on my trip to China a couple years ago
T-shirt – Forever 21
Purse – Chanel – you can get yours at
Flats – McQueen
Watch – Vintago Rado that belonged to my daddy
Necklace – Ardene
Lipstick – Heroine by Mac

Photography done by the ever so wonderful Garima Singh from G&H Photography! No one has ever directed me like this chick! The poses in these pictures are definitely not something I could think of! Most amazing creative direction – I love you for that Garima!
instagram – @garima1
twitter – @garima1

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