Honestly speaking, although it may not appear so, lately I’ve been so lazy when it comes to dressing up that I find myself resorting to minimalistic looks. This is not something I don’t regularly do but with fasting, and no energy, I have a lack of desire to spend more than half an hour getting ready every morning. With this said, I introduce you to my outfit of the day!

This is my “I’m working all day and have a dinner to attend at night” look. I’ve worn an all black button up with a sequenced vest to add some sparkle to the ensemble.

I love flats over everything because it allows me to run around, stay comfortable, and seriously – not look like an idiot (because that’s how I look wearing heels).

I wanted to keep my makeup flexible and something appropriate for day to night time look. I felt that my bright pink lip was very courageous for a lazy day but I did it anyway! YOLO! =) But I tried to balance it out with dead straight hair as opposed to my usual over the top curls!


If flats aren’t something that work for you – you could totally change into pumps to suit your evening attire but sticking with flats is something I’d probably do.

Vest – Zara
Button Up – DaZoo Toronto
Watch – Michael Kors
Necklace – Zara
Shoes – Pacific Mall
Lipstick – Candy Yum Yum by Mac

Photography by the incredible Sean Go who brings about smiles on my face that I’ve never seen before!
Instagram – @sgo8

As for the winner of the contest for the workshop, I’d like to congratulate @makeupchaos_ for the effort she put up in constantly posting and promoting the workshop! Thank you all for participating and I wish I could bring you all down to attend!  Please e-mail workshop@desibeautyblog.com to claim your spot.