One of my most favourite things about the winter and fall season has to be the chances I get with layering my clothing. I know it sounds so minor but I la la love the feeling of being snug and cosy and with the past few Canadian winters we’ve encountered, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want the same warmth.

There are several women who are hesitant to add on the layers because it makes them look or feel bigger than they actually are. Now logically, this would make all the sense in the world but when you master the following instructions on how to layer, you will look be able to achieve quite the opposite. A perfectly layered look will tribute to your curves and creates a proportionate shape.perfect-outfit-milan

The first tip that one should abide by when layering is to start with a basic – whether it is a neutral or patterned top, make sure its light. With this first layer, it’s probably best (based on your body type) to keep it fitted or shape hugging. If you’re worried about problem areas, use belts, longer/shorter tops to accentuate what you wish.

When settled with a tailored top, the next step would be to add another layer such as a cardigan or sweater. To insert a tad more depth and also based on your first layer, you are more than welcome to put on something with a louder print or texture. With that being said, don’t be afraid to add a jacket or coat to enhance your entire look. Final touches can include accessories such as necklaces and scarves and with this; you’ll be able to establish your own personal touch to your entire ensemble.

Hopefully this eases any concerns you may or may not have with layering. So take these seasons as an opportunity to maximize your layering because who doesn’t want to be homey in the midst of the upcoming polar vortex? Happy layering!