zowPTgN8KLxWYBA9QRt3H962EmNnwgs5szF2KhpMEWYBirthday month has come and almost gone. I am officially 29! My last year in the 20s! But with November, comes preparation for a new year! And for me, that means clearing out my closet. This year – I’ve been blessed to have enough to be able to share my belongings with those that are less fortunate. I encourage you to do the same! To know how – read on.tumblr_ny1b6l6kEP1tefw4zo7_1280 As everyone knows, there is a crisis in Syria. Fleeing families are in need of basic necessities. Its so important for us to reach out and do whatever we can. Personally, I find it enjoyable to share what I have with others. But to be able to assist those who are in such a dire situation, makes it a lot more pleasurable. QMnafCvQFaqgxDv2tyAv4D1uyI8t98Bw58yjiaouX-8
To find an organization where you can contribute, simply google the city you reside in and “Syrian aid”- you’ll be able to attain information of multiple charities accepting clothes, food items, money, etc.tumblr_ny1b6l6kEP1tefw4zo5_1280 tumblr_ny1b6l6kEP1tefw4zo4_1280tumblr_ny1b6l6kEP1tefw4zo2_1280tumblr_ny1b6l6kEP1tefw4zo1_1280n02rFiJQg5Lt4ZjuTvxw2iSMBqZqXXce5oPWSBEpj80NKjSbwEHSEQwUvyRT-SZhLt-Jjytmda3Ossu34PvwjELmVTzyZYtOVfauN9n0YVNvQ7kuzfMF6LIzWpqOem8tgJQwCXMUqSxlzXu8yNX9kQla-MqzQqhNrh-ByQjEFyJIfz6EdkefuYlAIlE5OjDzMuxRtZ6lQlUbY74Nzobf36E0X-t59qBuv-oBfjDfC6PUfbzKT-sJlV6YhYSdN_33QICX-UzCMg9lBXjtqa40qdcstbaR1FTho-6UOwoDwyIyg

Dress – Zara
Crop Top – H&M
Hat – BCBG
Watch – Daniel Wellington – “sairahayatkhan” coupon code for 15% off
Necklace – H&M
Jacket – Zara
Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Photography – http://www.ediocares.com  – @Iamerickson on instagram