5RtV15Y6fmTUYgMqlfFn1X_17IYpCn3N70qkefnWXGc I don’t know if I’m denial so I don’t feel the cold as much or if the cold just hasn’t come properly as of yet. Whatever it is – I haven’t felt the need to bust out my parka yet. With showings, I also need outwear that is comfortable to sit in my car all day, walk through 5 houses a day and climb stairs in. This skirt and crop top combo are perfect because they’re airy, stretchy and the heels are thick so I don’t need to worry about looking like an idiot when doing something as simple as walking. =)3n0O3KiK2oNdrKL3WYTG4ekPo7HhuTiV53pJcrui1o8PJd0ZNO69P3ULphepkNdYc8J0oYUcbM1KUN4fhKdyIgalINkj5Ctcf9R5aj3MpbYddb7Fbtd4XiB8XDJ8hEWQEAv-50ghZsnrcsoWjex4EpdnrtPqlKQYb3_BTMopBD40UR__15Vc31AsKxYNuJHsPxY6R-M3Rs_kfj6a_XFd7OobT2NSjdV0q2dvdVy91zssjRk4HO--1QsUfLIp0q8n60D4FFxb5R8_eqh534CHgb0v76dngwVo_VwA-qdwRXkKYHEDeeI1SzafPY5ZKEbezoGpDkdhQFZn5K62dia99pKkh8eoycSkEFGhbRxbBSCsdTFUtDMOah44pCrIBOmYylcttPBVuDENoGb2tWDpDB1ujV4RBitHY_hvDvJteXh8S0

Boots – Aldo
Skirt – H&M
Crop Top – Forever 21
Coat – Purchased in China
Watch – Daniel Wellington – use the code “sairahayatkhan” to get 15% off

Photography by @iamerickson on instagram and make sure to check out my other outfits on http://www.ediocares.com