Doing The Most

5hp5iIR_JZbr2eF8N1Hd8F5zY2EcbYGRc1DkKgR0RlkThese pictures are clearly from the Fall – because just the thought of getting by on this jacket with today’s -15 temperature is making me shiver…and I’m in the comforts of my warm home right now.AmxtnGqOjp4dKeeETryJKAbeBNo5STE96Q47URxcnacAXdz6QZQV8HeQlPYSe6KJpBp05XFjTiwzFMvuKUEAQMFe8Lgacy0YoGrZ-akXQUCKsFytL-d3fVXQNoRRrrW98lFNswseL21rmnZZ4p-me71pLs-pXRmozoOLidGSPtOELnPXS4TPDgpoH2XCAsCLE0XXOit-GHVAXC47wXgIDwolzkSqwWmr2S8XX8L1NHFavP07v1qv7OCBDJSNWg0UScMVZEoAfieFbbAUcxKlPqKawBjdxPo0A7iyIAFLq5hXYmXn7hFwsKMbvmomXaSzCxeLQrAvjTQq7a2pdF4gcEicP7zr7adUIh8EWrOmbbljT-ewV2elaQbMquYSgQDf5QkperSCyh6x_p1SisBavwiihR1ybFiI90Q20nRnGKmPj0t8uz8V_lnBWwFFNYQgOQ4SLdMSSHHbYe2LUwbXvcgdkTY1r4rgxXsk0N27Y-9OJ_dfSB2sPPhiGsy5ve1CnQdsUe6pMqakDldrkRvZtKoXI33dK3_A0frQtLdX3AUuZKQWK0IVcLnL1QC_Y7D9BrUMARC_J_Emx5y4kg3A1GtZs4wTtKptVHXBmGu4vuY9hn5DTcyeefmag3uSE_9Htv3CkXKmC3lLBoWNpCgrwl5Db5jg4IcuflbsqAt8W2UG8mjs

Jacket – Forever 21
Dress – BCBG
Boots – ModDeals
Purse – Zara

Photography by @iamerickson on instagram and make sure to check out my other outfits on

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