unspecified-26 We all have those days where you have a double whammy of a day + night. You don’t have time to go home from work or wherever but you need that extra pep in your outfit to make it dinner appropriate. I always say this and probably don’t need to repeat it but I’m a minimalist. By that – I mean, limited jewelry and accessories but I will do a signature statement piece that will make my outfit just perfect for me.

unspecified-34This jacket is pretty bling bling enough so I wanted to focus on complimenting it with something a tad more subdued. Changing up the shoes from daywear to evening was what I decided to do.unspecified-33unspecified-32unspecified-29I can’t spend a full day in heels but can tolerate them for a few hours during dinner. unspecified-30unspecified-31unspecified-28unspecified-27unspecified-23unspecified-24unspecified-25unspecified-22unspecified-21unspecified-20

Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Bag: Zara
Watch: Rado
Shoes (Heels): Zara
Shoes (Flats): Aldo
Necklace: The Loft

Photography by @iamerickson on instagram and make sure to check out my other outfits on http://www.ediocares.com