I have to say – third trimester might be my most favourite one yet. Despite the back pain, and inconsistent sleep at night – I find it a lot more manageable than I did the first two trimesters. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at my energy levels and motivation to get things done. Nesting is really getting the best of me. We’ve finally made some leeway on the baby’s room – kept it simple but pleasant. Unpacked all the things we really need and ordered a few other important items.


When I start my day, I feel lighter. Not as heavy. As the day progresses – it gets a little tougher and tougher. Maneuvering a belly you’re not use to is a lot more difficult than pregnant women make it look. Its tough to get comfortable but alhumdullilah – you sort it through.unspecified-23unspecified-22unspecified-26

Outfits like this make my life. I have been on team no pants my entire pregnancy and that isn’t about to change as the last bit of it passes by. Pants just sitting at my stomach suffocate me and make me so damn uncomfortable.

Sadly, my feet are swollen so my shoes don’t fit the same way they use to and I’m deathly concerned that my foot won’t go back to its normal size (which I hear is pretty common).

unspecified-20With colder weather around the corner, I’m not going to live in anything besides my Uggs but still. Also luckily – I don’t have much of a social life so I never have to dress up anyways haha.unspecified-24

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Faux Fur : H&M

Photography by @iamerickson on instagram and make sure to check out my other outfits on http://www.ediocares.com