A Day in the Life With Raaya Nooreen Ehsan.

DSC_9500See this nappy hair? You can credit that to my 3 month old. =)DSC_9567A small part of my nursery.
DSC_9222A dress gifted by Raaya’s Moomani Jaan.
DSC_9412Her wall of gifts. Another pair of shoes from her Saroosh Moomani Jaan.
DSC_9428Diaper Change!
DSC_9453Trying to entertain this baby.DSC_9476SMILE!
DSC_9557Her little library! Care of her Farooqui Khalas – and her creepy bunny!DSC_9481How we spend a lot of our afternoons.DSC_9221Change of clothes – probably due to a spit up!
DSC_9488Daily conversations.DSC_9564Frame c/o Savera Khala and shoes c/o Summaya Khala!
DSC_9533Our two favourite things at home! The bassinet and her swing!

Photography by: Maham Kureshy (@maham_kureshy)

Jumpsuit: Zara
Sweater: Zara
Watch: Daniel Wellington – Code: “saira15” for 15% off your order.

Bassinet- Halo
Swing- 4moms
Crib – Ikea
Change Table – Ikea
Dresser- Ikea

One thought on “A Day in the Life With Raaya Nooreen Ehsan.

  1. Beautiful photos Saira, and equally beautiful details in each one of them! I am not an avid follower, but I must say each post/blog of yours that I do visit, is always full of genuine emotions, especially your labor story. For some reason, I was keen on reading it, and must say – parts of it are really touching…I feel like I want to give you a warm hug and peck on your cheek for being so true, and inspiring throughout your journey and of course, goofy at times – all of what makes you, you (atleast from what I think I know of you :))! It does seem a bit strange sending a message as such to someone whom I don’t personally know, or have the farthest connection with – but I suppose one doesn’t have to. We may truly never know where our blessings originate from, in what shape or form they might impact us – but I genuinely wanted to congratulate you, and send you some love – from one woman to another. Raaya is blessed to have a woman like you for her mother. Keep doing what you are doing! God Bless! ^_^

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