IMG_9509With my first child, I wanted to go all out and purchase a stroller that was stylish yet met my needs in terms of function. Here are my honest viewpoints of the Stokke Xplory.IMG_9503The Xplory was one of my top most wanted items for Raaya. Aesthetically, I loved it and knew that its minimalist style was something that spoke to me. I purchased it from BabyRama here in the east end and although on the more expensive side, I went in knowing it was a higher end brand and I would have to spend a pretty penny on it. IMG_9504The stroller’s adjustable height design is something that really sold me. You can tailor it according to your childs growth. You don’t have to bend to place them in their seat and as she gets older, I can have her sit just as high as me at restaurants while we eat. (This is the stuff I picture in my head.)IMG_9505From when Raaya was newborn to about 6 months, she wasn’t able to fit into the seat that came with the stroller so I purchased separate adapters so it could carry my car seat. I have the carry cot or bassinet as well but since she was a winter baby, it was just easier to transfer the entire car seat on to the stroller, as opposed to transferring her in the cold. I wouldn’t look at this as a downfall, as this applies to all and any make of stroller.
IMG_9508The seat can face the front or the back, depending on your personal preference and it also can recline pretty easily as well. The seat is pretty spacious and comfortable, although I find the belt pretty annoying to clip. Its just stiff and not user friendly.
IMG_9512I think one of the most common downfalls of this stroller is clearly the storage. As per other strollers, there is no storage bin at the bottom and you’re forced to get mommy hooks or use the bag that attaches at the bottom.
IMG_9511One aspect of the stroller I love is the maneuverability. The Xplory is so easy to drive on all surfaces. Its so easy to push up a hill or down a curb. The swivel 360 feature of the wheels seriously makes all the difference.
IMG_9517IMG_9513Folding the stroller definitely was not a selling point with this stroller. Its not very compact and pretty irritating to close. The tutorial video on the stokke website made it look super easy but take my warning. I’ve literally stood in parking lots, looking like its the first time I’m folding or opening the stroller because it didn’t close or open on the first go.
IMG_9518IMG_9514What’s in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Stroller seat
  • Canopy and visor
  • Baby pad
  • Seat handle
  • Harness protector
  • Footrest kit
  • Shopping bag
  • Rain cover
  • Mosquito net

IMG_9516IMG_9510I love the handle! It can sit at many different heights, catering to everyones personal preference. The oval design might not be handy for hanging a bag but it gets the job done.IMG_9519IMG_9520IMG_9515IMG_9507Would I recommend it? UM..this is a tough one. I love my stroller. But on some days – I hate it too. The storage and folding are huge nuisances. The aesthetic and drive makes the buy worth it. So I don’t know how to answer that question. If the selling features appeal to you, then yes – go ahead and spend the money. But there are strollers out there that offer more function and features at this price point. =)
Stroller – Stokke Xplory
Watch and Bracelet – Daniel Wellington – Code: “saira15” for 15% off your order.
Jeans – Zara
Fishnets – Cediure
Shirt – Zara
Glasses – Boss

Photos by I am Erickson