Raaya’s First Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my big girl, Raaya! Ami and Daddy love you!ERCK6161We had a delicious two tiered Strawberry shortcake (Ami’s favourite) made by Raaya’s Faiza Khala.ERCK6096
A little balloon arch and flowers for where we took family photos.ERCK6106
Raaya’s dress was made by my dear friend’s mom and the material was given by her Dado.ERCK6115
Meltdowns come with the territory.ERCK6156So perfect for a one year olds birthday IMO. Balloons are so timeless and paper flowers are so trendy!ERCK6159
Gumballs and chocolates to take home!ERCK6163ERCK6165
Oreos – another one of Raaya’s favourites!ERCK6173ERCK6185ERCK6208ERCK6327ERCK6160
Anyone who knows Ami, knows her obsession for Krispy Kreme donuts!ERCK6213ERCK6190ERCK6222
Raaya’s Mamoos. ❤ERCK6324ERCK6243
Raaya’s Moomani Jaan.ERCK6265
Raaya’s Saamia Baji.ERCK6322ERCK6328ERCK6108
Hi-lo dress – with a train and bow at the back.ERCK6329ERCK6336
Outfit change into a dress from The Gap and her headband from @bloomsandcrownscoERCK6337ERCK6344ERCK6107ERCK6348ERCK6410ERCK6354ERCK6357ERCK6396ERCK6166ERCK6399ERCK6214ERCK6409ERCK6105ERCK6411ERCK6323ERCK6418ERCK6162ERCK6341ERCK6450

Balloons: @balloons_and_thecity
Paper Flowers: @foldedflowersbynaz
Dessert Table: @couturecakes_to
Photos: @iamerickson

3 thoughts on “Raaya’s First Birthday Party

  1. This was so beautiful Masha’Allah !! Happy Birthday to Raaya! Her outfits were SO ADORBS!! May Allah bless us endlessly IA!
    The decor / desserts / cake looked amazing Saira!

  2. Obsessed with everything in this post! The detail! Everything was absolutely gorgeous! I cant stop exclaiming! Haha. These are going to be such special memories you all will look back on when she’s older inshallah. Also – major inspo for Sophia’s first birthday later this month!

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