I just completed the 2 day cleanse. I wanted to start by saying that when I initially decided on doing this – I really didn’t think I would be able to get through it. I’ve gained so much from this experience – and I’ll share that at the end.img_9600

I did the Revitalize cleanse from Total Cleanse. On their website, it states that this particular cleanse is “designed for people who already consume a lot of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and lean proteins but sometime indulge in fast food or other unhealthy foods or drinks. The Revitalize Cleanse will give you that extra push you need to get back on track and refocused! Side effects of this cleanse include feeling better!”


You are consuming 6 juices a day. 3 Green Energy, 2 Lemon Rush and 1 Creamy Cashew juice.


So, lets get right into it. I intermittent fast. I get all my meals in from 1pm-8pm. On my first day of the cleanse, I stuck to this schedule. Here is my when I downed my juices.

Juice 1 (GE) – 1:30pm
Juice 2 (LR) – 3pm
Juice 3 (GE) – 5pm
Juice 4 (LR) – 6:30pm
Juice 5 (GE) – 8pm

I couldn’t get around to the Creamy Cashew because I was FULL. On day 1, a few things surprised me. I WAS NOT HUNGRY AT ALL! That is unusual for me because I’m always in the kitchen! I thought I’d crave real food all day. Happy to say that I did not. Secondly, I had energy! I was so productive and alert. This is something I didn’t expect. I actually planned this cleanse around a couple of days where I could be home and inactive (although I did have an intense upper body workout in the morning) thinking I would be lethargic all day. Day 1 went amazingly well!


Come day 2. This started out rough. I didn’t sleep well the night before because my body was hurting from my morning workout. I skipped the Creamy Cashew juice meaning I missed out on 12g of protein that my body needed to recover. I resumed my intake at noon starting with the leftover Creamy Cashew juice before my workout at 1. I know this is not how the cleanse is meant to go but I really needed the extra protein.

img_9596On my drive to the gym (at 12:30pm), I had half the green energy and the other half after. My workout was terrible. I was sore and in pain.  I did some core work and light cardio. I had my third juice at 2:30, my fourth at 4pm, the 5th at 6pm and the last at 8pm. I was out and about so the day went by beautifully. No cravings, no weakness, or mental lapse. I was pleasantly surprised!

The juice cleanse was an incredible experience. Starting with two days was actually perfect. It was my first cleanse, ever. It gave me this new confidence. I struggle with cravings. Its a big mental game for me. Knowing I was able to get through the cleanse has given me the confidence to know I can surpass that random craving or not eat when I’m bored.

I’m not sure if I could have achieved this without the company (Total Cleanse) I chose. I’ve tried juicing in the past – not a cleanse, just individual juices. They haven’t been enjoyable or tasted remotely this good. I highly doubt I’d be capable of downing 6 juices a day if they weren’t pleasant.

Physical benefits I experienced during the cleanse:
-no bloating
-skin felt hydrated
-high levels of energy
-mental alertness

Would I do a cleanse again? ABSOLUTELY. It was easy, convenient, beneficial and mentally elevating. I would recommend it! 2 days is great for beginners but if you’ve done them before – I’d suggest a few more days. The next time I do it – I’ll order for a minimum of 3 days.

Total Cleanse has a variety of products. Not only do they provide cleanses, they also have soups and salads. Their cleanses can be customized to suit what works for you and your goals. They detoxify and nourish your body, or may be exactly what you need to get back on a healthy track!