pqtiprpzIt’s no secret how much I love to snack and how much I obsess over chocolate! I recently discovered my newest love – GO BETTER PROTEIN WAFER BARS-lx-rwbbI got 4 different flavours.l5ce---a
xztqqwb2Coconut Crunch
Almond Crunch
Honey Oats Crunch
Hazelnut Crunchvjfg5h2mxztqqwb26l3xhwdsBesides the fact that they taste amazing and not like your typical protein bar, they have no artificial flavours, colours or GMO ingredients. _zsvx372l5ce---aVJfG5H2M.jpegAlso – I’ve been recently trying to avoid dairy so a plus for me is that these bars don’t have any is incredible.YxjWbm4J.jpegl5CE---a.jpegThey have great whole ingredients that you can see. A few ingredients includes whole roasted almonds, almond nut butter and brown rice.XztqqWb2.jpeg

Photography by: Emerald Photographyy