Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah-23My first Mommy and Baby getaway!
A really warm welcome from the resort for Raaya and I!unnamed
This was my first trip with Raaya! We visited Banyan Tree,within the ecosystem of Mayakoba in Mexico! 749f813c-144d-4986-a758-4f7450671b02We stayed in the most gorgeous villa with 3 bedrooms, a huge living room, dining area and kitchen! It had a walkout balcony the backed on to the golf coarse and a rooftop pool!Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah07Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah13IMG_6641The resort was so big, we traveled in golf cart buggies to go for meals and activities! Raaya loved the ride!IMG_6645The resort was very child friendly, with good food and a ton of activities!IMG_6656Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah06The weather is obviously gorgeous in Mexico so we took advantage of all the pools on the resort and within our own property! When traveling with kids, its important to have enough options to keep them busy throughout the day. IMG_6766With their trustworthy childcare at the Kids Club, you can even get away for a few hours and spend time at the Rainforest spa! IMG_6742Raaya loved exploring the grounds! The entire resort was actually so clean that I felt totally comfortable with allowing her to exercise her free spirit and get in the shrubs!IMG_6879Within Mayakoba, you can take a ferry ride to get from resort to resort. It’s very scenic and relaxing! The ride was smooth with lots of sites to see! You really get to throughly experience the local culture and nature at Banyan Tree.IMG_7065_Facetune_18-01-2018-18-24-26Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah02We went to Sand Bands Beach Club for lunches and to relax beach side. The food was so delicious – with a ton of child friendly options! You really got to experience the luxury this resort has to offer here!Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah03This resort really is the most gorgeous of sanctuaries. A perfect getaway for mommies who want to experience a pristine vacation with or without their little ones!Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah09I can’t forget to mention my dining experiences! There was a Thai restaurant within the resort called Saffron! SO SO SO YUMMY! The service was incredible and we sat right water side and enjoyed the gorgeous lights with our dinner.Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah14I’ll definitely be back, Mayakoba! I really fell in love with your heritage and culture! The greenery is such a beautiful sight and a mom would love to see one on one – without baby. 😉Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah17Banyan-Tree-Mayakoba-irenesarah19

Professional Images by: Irene Sarah