DSC_3038We spend so much effort into researching whats doing justice for us on our faces in terms of makeup and skincare – but do we put in the same into our insides?DSC_3045As a mother who wants the best for her child, I ventured down a naturopathic path a few years ago. Alternative medicines and supplements is something I’ve really been interested in. I turn to natural remedies to help with my stress, skin, digestion, energy and sickness. To combat all of this, I use Orange Naturals.DSC_3039The four supplements I’m taking as a part of my daily regimen are:
Zinc Citrate w/ Vitamin C
Probiotics (14 billion)DSC_3041Benefits of Collagen:

Supports Healthy Brain Function
Promotes Heart Health
Supports Healthy Gut Function
Eases Joint and Knee Pain
Supports Your Back
Supports Healthy Skin
Helps Broken, Brittle Nails

DSC_3042Zinc Citrate – click the name for the benefitsDSC_3044Iron ComplexDSC_3043Probiotics are such an essential!

Let me know how you find this combo of vitamins!