It’s been a wild year thus far and I’ve been appreciative of every wave of events as it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my 3 year old. Raaya has been a golden child this year with her development. She’s really grown to be an extremely accommodating baby (she actually always has been). She’s independent, self-entertaining and very resilient! She’s started a new school and thoroughly enjoys life with her family – especially dad and cousins! She’ll be 4 in a couple months and getting brighter by the day, mashAllah!

My blazer: Shein
Pants: Femme Luxe Refinery
Turtle Neck: Femme Luxe Refinery
Bag: LV
Boots: Zara

Raaya’s Outfit: Zara
Bag: Hello Little Page
Boots: Pediped Footware

Photography by Root2Photography
Instagram: root2photography 
Facebook: Leayen Lam