This is my first look of 2021 with Raaya. We hadn’t planned for her to shoot with me but she was with me so I thought why not? You can probably tell from the pictures that things started off pretty shy. But once she got on her bike, she was good to go with kisses and love!

Being 4.5 years old now, Raaya is honestly so funny! She has the best sense of humour and the sweetest underlying personality. When I see her interact with other kids, her confidence always surprises me! It’s nice to see her come into her own.

As a mom, I constantly struggle with parenting style. Everyone says that I’m a strict mom. I don’t disagree. I’m very structured and routined and it has worked well for us. She is regimented and doesn’t resist it. Here’s to hoping that she stays that way!

Shacket: Shein

Photography: Preston Neville
FB: Preston Neville Photography