Being in the midst of that time of year, where the kids are back to school and we are enjoying the comforts of early nights with a cooler climate, I have two must haves in my home that I can’t get by without.

The Caker Cake mixes have become a staple around here. Decadent pan cakes at your fingertips! Shown here are three different flavours: 1.Match Cherry 2.Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf 3.Lemon Strawberry Poppy Seed. I know exactly what you were thinking when you were reading that. “These are not your typical cake flavours – and you’re right. The kits include everything you need and they offer vegan options!

As it gets colder, also very important to feed your immunity (Especially with all the kids that are back to school and bringing home all kinds of sicknesses). Being on top of my supplements is always important in my daily life. Orange Naturals is my go to brand for all things supplement.

Backyard Furniture: Cocos
Shirt: Romwe

Photography by Root2Photography
Instagram: root2photography 
Facebook: Leayen Lam