South Asian Influence – Here to Stay!


Karl Lagerfeld, influenced by Indian customs and rituals revealed an assembly earlier this year which dawned a new head in western fashion. Chanel exhibited a transformation to its pre autumn and fall collection as it displayed pieces inspired by Ranis and maharajas! Taking our very own tradition of high tea and lavish meals, the greatest aspect of the function was definitely the rich materials, refined accessories and the sophisticated styling.



Now although this collection was ornamented early in the year, trends from 2014 tell us not to put away our tweed coats or metallic dresses. This regal elegance is here to join us for another round! Retailers such as J.Crew and Club Monaco have taken a liking to the elaborate neck adornments and sari enthused fabrics as they have incorporated similar movement in recent collections. j-crew-necklaces1

Designs such as paisley details or flashy patterns have been prevalent and are making one more appearance for another cold season. Truly nothing better than a glitzy pant suit, for a night when the weather may not allow you to wear the exposed dress.

So don’t just stow away the sari you despised from a few years ago! Look to it for the inspiration you may be looking for to incorporate that missing “mirch” in your wardrobe!

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3 thoughts on “South Asian Influence – Here to Stay!

  1. missing “mirch”, love it. a very interesting read, who would have thought the paisleys and flashy patterns would end up being incorporated into the western culture. definitely going to hang onto my pieces!

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