As far back as I can remember, being a South Asian girl growing up in a western society – I have always been fascinated by our cultural adornments.


Watching my mom add final touches to outfits with her gold bangles and tiered pearl necklace, I knew that one day these pieces would play a huge role in my own game of dress up. For her – these trinkets symbolized gifts from her very own mother, or her “Sassu ma”. It signified that she was a married woman and so she kept this jewelry close to her heart. I always expected to inherit her charms but what I didn’t expect was the transition of how perfectly these ornaments work so well with my western wear.

In recent trends, we have seen Hollywood A-listers rock traditional nose rings and head jewels which often decorate South Asian brides. Such bridal essentials have been utilized in celebrity getups to jazz up any casual look.

Personally, I’m guilty of stealing from my own collection of “karai” and “matha patis” to incorporate into a night out with a little black dress. Not only are these excellent conversation starters but they stand out from anything anyone else is wearing – I just love that unique touch! Often at times, I’m not always willing to risk wearing my “sonai ke churiyan” to a wild girl’s night out, but my imitation set of six will suffice

This goes without say – but the overtaking of chunky necklaces inspired by our very own precious stones and gems sets is fabulous! Popular designers have embraced “chandni” and “kundan” as their own to enhance their displays. Such exhibitions of crystals and jewels are used to make statements! These accessories convert any ordinary outfit into one which is super fashion forward and obviously stylish! Isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve?

I guess we can thank our forefathers… er.. mothers (in this case) for introducing us to the concept of holding on to our roots by integrating our traditional accessories into our everyday western attire. After all, you can never go wrong with being well dressed while at the same time – appeasing your mother in law for wearing her hand me downs. ;)

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