South Asian Tea Party


As a Pakistani, tea is an essential part of our day to day. We have it several times a day, and simply cannot live without it. But why not take tea time and make it into something fun and special? I was featured on ANOKHI TV, outlining the etiquette, necessities and trends of a successful South Asian styled tea party! Make sure to check the interview out here:

Discussed within the interview was the appropriate menu. Mixing European traditions with a sprinkle of South Asian mirch, I decided to introduce several new concepts to simple dishes and desserts. (Couture Cakes provided the cake, custard cups, cupcakes and macarons). I also review decor tips on how to set up such an event as our culture entails bold and loud colours and fabrics. (Decor provided by Dream Party Decor) (Flowers provided by Flowers Unlimited). The last aspect of the segment details fashion and style and what one can expect to wear to such a function. (Clothing provided by CTC West) (Hair and Makeup of Models provided by Rav B Beauty Concepts).




5 thoughts on “South Asian Tea Party

  1. Saira I love this! Everything was so cute! And I love your outfit as well…please tell me where its from or who its from??

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