With current events unfolding at the recent fashion weeks in Pakistan, I personally am over the top excited to see what this year’s wedding guests will be sporting to events. All I can say is that PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week blew me away with some of the finest craftsmanship and designs I have ever laid eyes on. To be honest, my expectations with designers lately had faltered after visiting the homeland earlier in the year and observing that local designers started acquiring Indian inspirations. I am obsessed with the unique and exotic looks our masters of fashion foster and was so happy to see the latest developments through PSFW.

Given my style, modest and simple wear is impeccable – even to weddings. Floral prints are statement enough but to slap them on palazzo pants, crop tops or a gown, sheer perfection! Stepping out of the realm of clustered jewels and “kaam” is extremely adventurous as culturally that is what we’re expected to wear. But I think as long as it isn’t a direct family member’s wedding – we can break that rule.

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My favourite invention is the replacement of lenghas with the poofy overbearing maxi skirts. These give me anxiety – simply because I want all of them. Perfect for those days when you feel a little bloated and not your best – it gives you an option of wearing something less form fitting.

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As prints were discussed earlier, allow me to elaborate outside of just florals.  The explosion of prints that are projected to be seen this summer are unbelievable. New collections exhibit a variation of prints that are not only magnificent but distinct.

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Lastly, I have to give credit to our very own HSY, whose usage of lace, colour and display of the perfect mix of east meets west has quite possibly given me sleepless nights. The blue – the white lace – the gowns – the jumpsuit – Lord help me!

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So when planning a wedding wardrobe – make sure to remember these essentials. Its nice to be different and stand out from the remainder of the 500+ guest count. Do some research on the latest trends and try to incorporate as much of it as you can into your 2014 wedding regimen!

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