Long weekend recovery mode: ON. What an eventful four days! Tuesday afternoon – I can sit back, put my feet up and share a look with you that I quickly put together with some of my favourite must-haves for every fashionista.

Every girl needs a great structured black blazer, black button up and faux leather pants. A classic Chanel bag? Your call but if you want to invest in a great designer purse, this is the one to get. It’s timeless, versatile and something you can pass on to your future baybays!

I honestly have so many days where I wake up and am like no – today is not a day of colour. I am wearing all black, I’m overworked, my husband snored all night and I need to be borderline gothic because that is simply what my mood reflects. But I’m trying to break out of that by adding simple pops of colour to not appear too sadistic. Side note – YES I don’t believe in ironing so YES my shirt is crinkly. (My parents would be so disappointed)

I decided to add hints of gold in there simply because I was having a flat hair day and a scarf is the perfect fashionable accessory to disguise that. Let your uncooperative hair motivate your stylish tendencies – why not? Anyways I’m restoring my iphone and its totally slowing down my computer so I don’t have the patience for a lengthy post therefore I’ll let my photos do the explaining! Happy short week to my fellow Canadians!

Scarf – Hermes – available on www.fifthAnd.com
Blazer – Pacific Mall
Button Up – BCBG
Pants – On my trip to China a few years ago – I picked these up!
Shoes – Pacific Mall
Watch – Rado (belonged to my daddy)
Glasses – Ray Bans
Purse – Chanel – available on www.fifthAnd.com
Lipstick – Heroine by Mac
Wearing my Axia Hair Extensions – get yours at http://www.axiahair.com – use the promo code SHK to get 25% off

Okay so I shared a lot of photos from this outfit because I honestly loved the pictures! Garima my darling – you bring out my Sasha Fierce. I don’t know how you do it –but you do it! GIRLS..and guys – make sure to check her out!


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