How Can I Help Gaza?

My heart hurts. Typically, I sit back and spectate on worldly affairs and don’t have much of an opinion. But last night, I could hardly sleep as I stayed glued to my phone watching videos of the horrors taking place in Palestine. The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians – many of them children – is disgusting. These airstrikes and bombings leave behind broken families, a vast number of deaths and even more injured. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places; any air strike most definitely means inhabitant deaths. Take notice of the increasing death toll in Gaza and although I am feeling this immense bystander’s guilt looking at photos and reading these articles, I know there is something we can do to contribute to this oppression. We can attend our local protests, urging our governments to take stance against the demolishment of homes, conduction of mass arrests and unwarranted bombings. We can donate to international aid, raise awareness and pray for justice. Don’t get desensitized to seeing ongoing posts on social media, take the time out to share, comment and involve yourself in ending this genocide. I feel guilt-ridden by the fact that I can sit comfortably in my house knowing that so many people are living in fear and being murdered in their own homes. I have attached some links below and also some relief funds along with some petitions that you can sign. Pray for the people of Gaza.
Saira Hayat Khan

Where You Can Donate
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund –
Islamic Relief –
United Nations Relief and Works Agency –

Petitions You Can Sign
Sign the Letter to Obama & Congress from US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation –
Sign the Code Pink petition to Obama & Congress demanding a ceasefire –
Sign petition to the U.N. and European parliament demanding that Israel stop collective punishment against Palestinians –
For more petitions, please go to –

6 thoughts on “How Can I Help Gaza?

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  2. Id like to start by commending you on posting such an articulate statement regarding the tragic situation in Palestine . There are many things that we can do to apply pressure on Israel and institutions which support this Zionist state. There is a campaign known as the BIG campaign, boycott Israeli goods,there are many companies which we all but from that are owned by Zionists, for example Este Lauder, this group owns many brands such as mac, Clinique, Bobbi brown etc, by boycotting these brands we can make a stand and hopefully make a difference. Thanks for your time.

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  4. Tried all that. Doesn’t make a dent. In fact, people have been doing that for quite some time and it doesn’t move the needle. You could have a 1 million petitions and it wouldn’t mean anything because they’re just internet points. Other than a full-on physical march, much like the million man one way back when, these things rarely get noticed and are just Facebook fodder.

    The idea of boycotting goods is an interesting one, and we’re starting to see that at a slightly larger scale than before but even that’s going to be rather invain just by pure mathematics. I love countries like Bolivia declaring Israel a terrorist state, I hope that that happens more frequently and by larger countries (no disrespect to Bolivia). That has the potential to do something or at least condemn the actions in a collective sense.

    What can I do? Much like you, I’m frustrated because I’ve tried the usual outlets and have gotten a bit bored/tired of them. A letter to the MP? Meh. I think you have to hurt Israel where it hurts, financially, and the boycott movement needs to be more organized and have a unifying voice. Here’s a silly example: Movember. Where guys cut their facial hair to look like dolts, there needs to be something like that. A movement that anyone in the world can join and wear on their sleeve, perhaps in a more subtle manner than Movember. Or those Lance Armstrong wristbands, Livestrong or whatever. A symbol that you stand for something (in that case it was cancer, forget that Lance was a crook for a second). I think a combination of this physical, continuous, display of protest in conjunction with a boycott has some hope.

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