You can usually tell my mood and how I am feeling based on what I’m wearing. So on this particular day, despite the heels, I was happy yet felt pretty lazy. With my lack of accessories, I let the print on my top and pants do all the talking. Although not a particularly loud print, this print speaks volumes. Its soft and subtle yet makes an impact.



I decided to play off the easy-going colours and add a bright splash of pink with my purse and shoes to brighten up the look a bit. With straight (boring) hair, I needed something to liven everything up.
I kept the accessories to a minimum or to absolutely nothing actually simply because I’m lazy and didn’t’ feel like this outfit needed anything more.

There are certain details about these pieces that I love. I think the sleeve feature with the open ties is a unique aspect to the top. My inner Michael Jackson loves anything with zippers so the zipper on the back of the trouser definitely tickles my fancy.


Hope this was a look you liked and make sure to stay tuned as I have tons of upcoming looks to share!


Blouse – Zara
Trousers – Zara
Purse – H&M
Shoes – Aldo
Lipstick – Pink Noveau by Mac
Hair Extensions – Axia Hair. To get your own, use my promo code “SHK” to get 20% off on your own set!

Photography by the incredible Sean Go who brings about smiles on my face that I’ve never seen before!
Instagram – @sgo8