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As a busy mom – meal prep is one of the biggest struggles of my day. While I try to manage everything that a mom has to do  – its imperative I put a meal on the table that is nutritious, hearty and obviously – delicious.

I’ve never ordered a meal delivery service so when I discovered Hello Fresh, I was super excited to try something that would potentially add value and most importantly – convenience to my day.

As a household that observes dietary restrictions of eating Halal meat only – I checked out the meal plans that are offered to see if this service would be fitting for me. Hello Fresh offers multiple meal plans. I came across the Veggie Plan and found that best suitable. It listed what the meals were for the week so I placed my order for two people and selected my preferred date of delivery.


Delivery day finally came and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was running dry on groceries and it was honestly so satisfying to wake up to a box of fresh ingredients on my porch without having to leave the house. I opened the box up to find three kits of ingredients sitting on ice to ensure that the produce stays fresh. My order included: Spiced Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, Zucchini and Bean Quesadillas, and Greek Ragu (just writing that out is making my mouth water).

I picked the bag of mac and cheese, popped the other two in the fridge and got started. The whole package comes with a catalogue that lists the ingredients, recipe and nutritional value. I pulled out the recipe and was so impressed at how easy the instructions were to follow.


Spiced Cauliflower Mac and CheeseIMG_8406IMG_8407

A few observations during the meal prep:
-it is so beyond easy to follow the instructions since the ingredients are provided to you
-the ingredients are actually fresh
-the recipes are innovative and teach me new tricks to apply when making my own recipes
-I used ingredients that I don’t typically buy – forcing me to expand my palette

Day 2 rolled around and I grabbed the kit to make Zucchini and Bean Quesadillas for lunch! I’ve always wanted to incorporate my love for black beans into my meals but really didn’t know what route to take. So the fact a kit contained this excited beyond my own understanding! The second kit really helped me appreciate ingredients that have always sparked my interest in healthier eating. It made me introduce zucchini to my daughter and because of that – it has now become a staple in her diet.

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Zucchini and Bean Quesadillas

The final kit was one I was a tad iffy about but most surprised by! It included components such as eggplants, OLIVES, and couscous. Three things I’ve successfully avoided in my 31 years. I must say – this recipe was the most delicious! Everything paired so well together to create such an incredible end result! I still remember the taste of the ragu sauce – SO SO SO GOOD!IMG_8556IMG_8557IMG_8559
Greek Ragu

Why I LOVE Hello Fresh:
-It’s very satisfying as a mother to know that I’m giving my family nutritious, non processed meals
-Meals from scratch are always such a big accomplishment and this service allows me to create a spread with fresh and tasty ingredients
-The ingredients are Fresh! They arrive to you in a box made of sustainable insulation materials, keeping your food fresh as it travels to you. I read on their website that your ingredients will stay cool for up to 24 hours!
-NO hassles of grocery shopping – loading/unloading. Moms with toddlers and no help know how difficult a task like shopping can be!
-If you have limited time and need to prepare meals that are quick – this service is ideal!
-I’m a super picky eater- mainly because of my dietary restrictions. HF allows me to branch out while sustaining my preferences at the same time

Want to try out Hello Fresh for yourself? You can use my discount code “SHK40” to receive 40% off your first box!