Ramadhan, this year was super strenuous! Planning one meal a day is all kinds of work when you’re not eating or drinking for 18 hours a day! Fasting from 4am – 9pm drains your energy, brain capacity, and everything else that allows you to function in a proper manner.


I ordered Hello Fresh for a second time to assist me with my meal prep because I wanted to be able to sustain a healthy meal plan for the family but wanted to avoid the grocery shopping and meal planning that came with all of that.

Hello Fresh did not disappoint! To read about my experience the first time around, click here.

Moroccan Spiced Bean BowlIMG_1407IMG_1408IMG_1423IMG_1429IMG_1432IMG_1435IMG_1437

Nectarine & Cucumber Panzanella

Tandoori Spiced EggplantIMG_2236IMG_2240IMG_2263IMG_2264IMG_2266

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