Raaya, from the start has been a great sleeper. Straight out of the womb, she has always slept beautifully through the night and napped regularly during the day. She spent her first 7 months of life sleeping in a bassinet. Once she entered the seventh month, it was my own mistake to bring her into my bed and co sleep.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-04 at 10.56.48 AM.jpeg

Although controversial, co-sleeping has many benefits that I deemed important for us. I loved the bonding, cuddles and kicks to the gut that came with the bed sharing. But after a few months, it got old. Being an extremely light sleeper, I just wanted my own space and needed uninterrupted rest.

I tried transitioning her to a crib in which the whole sleep training thing was a complete fail. She was 13 months and super aware of the distance the crib created between her and I.

So upon vigorous research of different co-sleepers, I decided to introduce the Dockatot grande into her sleep regimen. I started off with it in our bed where she slept right next to me. She loved how snug it was and the comfort it gave her as she was use to sleeping right against me. After a few weeks, I moved it over to her own room, in front of her crib where I slept next to her on the floor. I’m convinced that it was the dockatot that allowed me to move her to her room so easily. She currently sleeps on her own, in her dockatot on the floor and this works for us!




Getting the grand was a big decision for me. I wasn’t familiar with it since Raaya never slept in one from the get go. Nor was she a fan of being swaddled. Much to my surprise, she loved it! The cosiness that the pillow like structure provides is irreplaceable and she has really grown an obsession over it. For me, the security factor is the biggest thing. She’s unable to roll over because of the higher sides.


Sticking to routine is imperative in our household. Through routine, Raaya functions better. So when we’re traveling, taking the dockatot allows Raaya a familiar item that soothes her when she feels overwhelmed with new surroundings. This was one of the biggest selling points for me.


As some of you have seen through my instagram stories, playing in the grand is one of our favourite activities before bed. It’s comfortable and Raaya really loves downtime in the structure before she settles in for the night.


The dockatot grand has been a saviour for me in so many ways. It has created a convenient way for me to transition Raaya into her own space. We are both sleeping better and I have the peace of mind that her current sleep routine involves something that will grow with her!