IMG_8696GUYS. I tried what might be the most delicious meal delivery service! I honestly loved it so much that I had to bring it here to share with you!aCp6uf4wHalal Meals is a weekly subscription meal delivery service which you order online. Their menus are constantly changing, so you never get bored of what you’re eating.IMG_8688
I ordered from the Mix and Match plan and was blown away by the variety. You can choose from an array of dishes and choose your own portion size. You can also select from different cuisine options as well. They also offer keto friendly options along with other healthy alternatives!IMG_8691
IMG_8680Initially, I wanted to try the service out of sheer convenience. Being a single mom, its tough to constantly shop and prepare things to eat for both Raaya and I. I was so pleasantly surprised that it kind of turned into a takeout service that I thoroughly enjoyed. To elaborate – I’m REALLY particular about meat. Not only do I only eat exclusively halal, but the quality of meat is very important. I can’t eat cooked meat that has been refrigerated and then rewarmed up. I don’t like the texture, smell, or taste. BUT the biggest surprise for me was that this meat had none of that! I WAS ECSTATIC! Not to mention – they are certified by HMA.
IMG_8692IMG_8684I thought the meals would be small portions so I did groceries to compliment my meals but honestly – I was never able to finish an entire meal in one sitting. I always shared with Raaya or broke the meals up in two portions so it lasted me longer than 5 days. AND STILL TASTED FRESH!!IMG_8694
IMG_8685When placing the order online, you’re able to see a picture of the actual meal, along with details on each dish. That makes picking and choosing a lot easier. The dishes often come with nutritionals printed on the label as well so for someone who watches her caloric intake – this was perfect!IMG_8682IMG_8687
This spicy Chicken Burger was so so so so so DELICIOUS!IMG_8686IMG_8689They service the entire Greater Toronto Area INCLUDING Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Hamilton and Burlington!IMG_8682
When your delivery is on the way, you will get a text message from the service in which you can track the drivers whereabouts! Super convenient!IMG_8690Cost? Its very fairly priced! Not only do you get to save yourself a trip to the grocery store, but you don’t have to think, plan and prepare meals for you and your family!IMG_8695Looking to try something new? Expand your palette? Find some peace of mind in placing your order today!IMG_8683
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