I designed what might be the most sentimental item I have ever made for Raaya. A photo book by FlipChap showcasing her first year of life.

IMG_8707With all the transitions that our family went through this year, I wanted to create something for Raaya that displayed how happy and full of love her first year of life was! This was literally the most perfect way to do so!IMG_8706IMG_8711
IMG_8709I customized 40 pages of pictures and special moments through FlipChap‘s very user friendly online service. It was so easy! You basically drag all the photos you want to use into a folder and then drag and drop accordingly.dsc_7255dsc_7251IMG_8715You can use layouts to drag your photos into or create your own! I used their layouts and formulated my own, as well!dsc_7257IMG_8710IMG_8708I ordered the 8×11 Leatherette Layflat Photo Book. It consisted of 40 pages of priceless moments. Did I mention that stress of losing photos no longer exists because they’re now printed and something she can have forever!IMG_8717dsc_7249IMG_8704It has a very scrapbook feel to it since you can add your own custom text and stickers to personalize the book further. It’s fun to share memories that way!IMG_8712IMG_8713The paper quality is very durable and I’m super impressed with the entire quality of the book. These photos have to last a lifetime and beyond, so it was important to me to get something that would actually make it like the older albums we used to have.IMG_8716dsc_7256As you can see, the book makes for a great coffee table feature!IMG_8703dsc_7240Interested in making your own? Interested in saving all your memories? Use my coupon codes!

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Photography by: Emerald Photographyy