Let me start with this – obsession is an understatement. I have a new tub and the features are endless. This is the best addition to my self care journey and I couldn’t be happier.

I ordered the Libra tub from Bain Ultra and I am so much more relaxed. A bath with 42 jets shooting at your back at the end of the night is the perfect conclusion to a day of single momming + working. Heated backrest? Sign me up. Chromatherapy? Press that button. A control pad and app on my phone to control it all? What era are we living in?

Did I mention that when you are putting your tub together, you can customize what features entice you and build your dream tub quite easily. Each tub has its own options and often offers a second setting to each feature for you to enjoy with your partner!

A freestanding tub is the most chic touch you can give any bathroom and to add function to that is life changing. I’ll find any excuse to get a bath in.

Tub: Bain Ultra
Floor Tile: SS Tile and Stone
Tub Filler: Homary
Wallpaper: York
Shirt: Romwe

Photography by Root2Photography
Instagram: root2photography 
Facebook: Leayen Lam