This was a tough photo shoot. Simply because of the cold. I tried to make it look effortless because its so easy to see how uncomfortable I am in when I’m shooting. Luckily, these pants from Shein had me slightly warm because of the lining on the inside. Preston and I were at our favourite spot on Main St. Markham when shooting this. He’s literally so quick that I managed to be in and out within 10 minutes. Anything more and I would have gotten a frost bite! Dramatic much? Yes. But it’s my blog – so I can be as dramatic as I wish.

Glad I got this fit in before Ramadan and I go into complete hermit mode where all I do is focus on worship and work. And being a mom, of course. =)

Pants: Shein
Body Suit: Shein
Heels: Zara

Photography: Preston Neville

FB: Preston Neville Photograph