My Standard

These heels are just as much painful as they look. NOTE TO SELF – ONLY wear them when you don’t have to walk much, think much, talk much and you’ll basically be sitting all night long. In comes the jumpsuit to make up for the comfort. Jumpsuits are my go to standard outfit when I really don’t want to think about a top and a bottom and just need something low maintenance.


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Shades of Blue and Grey

IMG_5936Ever since the introduction of leggings, tights, any comfortable really – I hardly find myself wearing jeans. And we all know that my life without heels is sheer perfection. SO YES – this outfit may surprise you. I had a short day of meetings, thus the outfit. I didn’t mind the heels since I’d be on my tush majority of the day. The cardigan is a recent buy that I absolutely love. Its so versatile. It can be worn casually and formally. I kind of met myself in the middle of the two with this outfit. Hope you love it!
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Desperate for Summer.

I feel like I seriously start all of my posts with a rant over the weather but if you’re from the East coast, you feel my pain. Layering still gwans for me and I simply cannot compromise comfort and warmth for style. I know some girls are troopers and can. But not this chick. But because I’m desperate to see warmer temperatures, I sometimes try to dress like its summer outside. This isn’t always successful but hello – I’m definitely not going to post the days this is so. So here is an outfit of a day where I think I’m doing somewhat okay with this floral dress from last season and a bright lip. Hi Summer, just sitting here, waiting for you.IMG_6003 Continue reading

White on White on White on White

White on White on White on White

Spring often bring obvious florals, pastels, toe exposing heels and so on. BUT FOR ME – it no longer brings salt stains, sleet filled cars and that means the allowance of wearing white without the fear of winter inflicted blotches. So let’s get right into it. This season’s favourite buys of white dresses, lace details and powder blouses.
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Saroosh & Leonisa’s Baby Shower

I have three brothers. Two older. One younger. They are an extension of me and I just love them! My niece that all of you know of is the daughter of my eldest brother and mA my middle and younger brother, both expecting their first child a month apart was amazing news for us! My sister in laws are some of my best friends and so throwing them a shin dig celebrating their upcoming children was such a blast! Here are a few pictures from the Baby Shower that took place in January.

2015-01-26 04.38.27 1
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Cutesy Chic

Hello Spring! I’m so happy the temperatures are finally warming up and I can tolerate being outdoors long enough to take some photos! Sorry for the delays throughoutΒ winter of posting any outfits but truth be told, living in Canada – its almost nearly impossible! So here we are with my outfit below – something semi casual yet chic and comfortable! The heels look high but they are so comfortable!


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