How to Curl Your Hair – Miracurl

Quick video about how I use one of my most favourite products of the year – the Babylyiss Titanium Miracurl! This is to achieve a very messy look, not put together look – just the way I like it!

p.s., Don’t mind how I look, super fast video before I got dressed!

I’m using Axia Hair Extensions – – Promo Code SHK to get 25% off

I’m not ready for Fall yet.

So the weather is definitely a little more crisp and if you are out and about in the evening without a jacket or some sort of cover up – then you are extremely brave in my books! Personally, if I’m cold, my whole day, my mood, my everything is off. I ADORE the heat but detest the cold. Living in the polar vortex that is Toronto, it is challenging to find ways to rock unworn summer gear yet allow it to compliment the temperatures outside. Here is my first attempt.
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Trend Alert – Pelvage

The wonderful season of summer always brings forth some amazing trends and some not so flashy ones. But with 2014, came something absolutely original and innovative. It’s called pelvage. For those of you who have never heard of the term – don’t fret. Pelvage is basically cleavage of the pelvic area. Within recent Hollywood trends alone, we’ve seen the slit slide up the bare leg all the way to the pelvis.

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OK. I have to rant! I’ve had such an intense summer, maybe one of the most overwhelming I’ve ever had AND now that I finally have some time to step back and really do what I want – ITS WAY TOO COLD! I simply cannot maximize on my summer outfits because I’m a comfort > style type of girl! Oh well! Here is a look which I put together to maintain some style and warmth for a chilly day out!
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Zayver on The Wedd Lounge – South Asian Jewelry Trends

Being the fashion and style expert for the Wedd Lounge – I had the chance to discuss one of my favourite South Asian jewelry lines. Zayver by Shazia Chohan-Hafeez. Fast forward to 24 minutes to watch my segment! Enjoy! And to get your hands on some amazing pieces, make sure to check out Zayver’s facebook page at Zayver Facebook Page. And for more information on The Wedd Lounge, you can click on The Wedd Lounge Facebook Page.

Hello Summer!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Warm walks to the office, meet for happy hour and meet at the patio for dinners. What more could you want out of a long summer day? Ultimately, we all want “good”. Good weather, good vibes and to look good. So how can one achieve that during the warmest season of the year? It’s easier than you think.summer-styles-women-shirts-300x249 Continue reading