White on White

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but summer brings out not only a colorful mood in everyone, but definitely a more colorful wardrobe as well. And by no means is there anything wrong with that but I’m a sucker for clean and crisp apparel therefore my recent obsession with all white attire.
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Sparkle On! and Workshop Winner Annoucement!

Honestly speaking, although it may not appear so, lately I’ve been so lazy when it comes to dressing up that I find myself resorting to minimalistic looks. This is not something I don’t regularly do but with fasting, and no energy, I have a lack of desire to spend more than half an hour getting ready every morning. With this said, I introduce you to my outfit of the day!
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Environmentally Fashionable

As a regular shopper, I am continuously looking for ways where I can stretch my dollar. Living in a world dominated by the pressures of social media, we often make silly decisions of not repeating an outfit we’ve already posted or avoid purchasing mass produced clothing with the fear that someone else may have the same thing. Because of this, I frequently find myself wondering how I can maintain my shopping while being as environmentally friendly as possible. Here are a few habits that I’ve adopted to avoid wastage and keep fashionable at the same time.
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Downtown Patterns


You can usually tell my mood and how I am feeling based on what I’m wearing. So on this particular day, despite the heels, I was happy yet felt pretty lazy. With my lack of accessories, I let the print on my top and pants do all the talking. Although not a particularly loud print, this print speaks volumes. Its soft and subtle yet makes an impact.

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How Can I Help Gaza?

My heart hurts. Typically, I sit back and spectate on worldly affairs and don’t have much of an opinion. But last night, I could hardly sleep as I stayed glued to my phone watching videos of the horrors taking place in Palestine. The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians – many of them children – is disgusting. These airstrikes and bombings leave behind broken families, a vast number of deaths and even more injured. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places; any air strike most definitely means inhabitant deaths. Take notice of the increasing death toll in Gaza and although I am feeling this immense bystander’s guilt looking at photos and reading these articles, I know there is something we can do to contribute to this oppression. We can attend our local protests, urging our governments to take stance against the demolishment of homes, conduction of mass arrests and unwarranted bombings. We can donate to international aid, raise awareness and pray for justice. Don’t get desensitized to seeing ongoing posts on social media, take the time out to share, comment and involve yourself in ending this genocide. I feel guilt-ridden by the fact that I can sit comfortably in my house knowing that so many people are living in fear and being murdered in their own homes. I have attached some links below and also some relief funds along with some petitions that you can sign. Pray for the people of Gaza.
Saira Hayat Khan
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Justify My Thug – Street Style

Here’s my first video segment for my Justify my Thug series. Growing up in Scarborough, Ontario – Canada, I always recognized the culture behind the place. The language, the attire and attitude was all a part of being from my hood. Throughout this video, I wanted to display 3 feminine yet street inspired ensembles that were representative of where I came up and pay homage to the fact that I will carry it with me forever. What’s that famous saying? You can take the girl out of Scarborough, but you can’t take the Scarborough out the girl. ;) Hope you enjoy!

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