Winter Is Coming…

5RtV15Y6fmTUYgMqlfFn1X_17IYpCn3N70qkefnWXGc I don’t know if I’m denial so I don’t feel the cold as much or if the cold just hasn’t come properly as of yet. Whatever it is – I haven’t felt the need to bust out my parka yet. With showings, I also need outwear that is comfortable to sit in my car all day, walk through 5 houses a day and climb stairs in. This skirt and crop top combo are perfect because they’re airy, stretchy and the heels are thick so I don’t need to worry about looking like an idiot when doing something as simple as walking. =) Continue reading

Why Didn’t I Smile?

zowPTgN8KLxWYBA9QRt3H962EmNnwgs5szF2KhpMEWYBirthday month has come and almost gone. I am officially 29! My last year in the 20s! But with November, comes preparation for a new year! And for me, that means clearing out my closet. This year – I’ve been blessed to have enough to be able to share my belongings with those that are less fortunate. I encourage you to do the same! To know how – read on. Continue reading